How to create quotes

Quotes are the main component in Express. They can be added from multiple places in the app, by pressing the Quote button:

  • From the Recents tab.
  • From the Quotes tab.

Once created, an empty quote will appear.

Recents tab.

Quotes tab.

Empty Quote.

To start adding content to the quote, press the button and pick a template. Each template contains prices to quickly configure a specific type of service or price. You can get an empty template by selecting the Other template.
Each template has fields, such as Quantity and Price. For instance, the Paint template contains Height, Width and Length fields. These are then used to calculate the area of a room to paint.
By filling the fields and pressing Calculate you will get the generated price. You can also choose a tax percentage.
Press Save to go back to the quote, which will now have one more template.
Add more templates to complete your quote and send it to your clients.

Template selection screen.

Paint template.

Quote with two templates.

How to add and edit clients

Your clients saved in Express are not synced nor depend on your iPhone contacts. They are stored in a separate container.
To add a client, tap on the Clients tab and press (you can also create them from the Recents tab, with the Client button).

You can import the client from a local contact, or introduce their data manually.

How to add and edit prices

Go to the Prices tab and select button. Fill in the three fields: Name, Price, Unit.

To edit a price, select it on the Prices tab, make your changes and press Save .

Import a price in a quote

Choose an existing quote or create a new one on the Recents or Quotes tab. Open one of them, tap on a template and press the Price option on the drop-down menu. From there you will be able to select one of your saved prices or create new ones.

Creating and using Templates

Go to Settings > Configure Templates and select on the top bar. The template creation screen will appear.

Template creation screen.

You can pick a custom Name, Color and Icon (more than 800 Icons are included in Express, thanks to the people at Font Awesome).

Pressing the Configure Prices button, you can add content to this template.
Each item in a tempalte can have multiple fields and even a Formula.

Template Content


Once configured, press the Save button.

Using templates in a Quote

Quotes > > > Select template. Your template will appear with its content, ready to be filled with the appropiate fields.